Blues Pig
Jeremiah clark 20170327 bluespig

Elmore "Whole Hog" Hawkins in his final form. Vector art done entirely in Affinity Designer.

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Elmore in place on the back of the truck. Customers will often take their picture in front of this and post it to social media (I did not do the smoke or text).

Jeremiah clark 20170326 bluespig

This was the initial finished version, before a few changes were requested. I'm including it because I rather like the hands and feet. Along with the neater jacket and tie it gives him more of a Blues Brothers look.

Jeremiah clark 20170305 fender render

Even though the final art is entirely vector, I modeled the guitar in 3D to be sure I got the perspective right. modeled and rendered in Modo.

Jeremiah clark page 3 from sketches

The initial sketch (one of a dozen or so) that was chosen.

Jeremiah clark asset
Blues Pig

Created for my Uncle's BBQ food truck, Fahrenheit 225 ( This was a really fun project, something completely different from my usual work.
Created in Affinity Designer. 
Guitar modeled and rendered in Modo.

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