"XVIII" Watermark / Logo
Jeremiah clark logo1

Because I could, and for practice, I re-created my new watermark in Substance Designer. This is a realtime capture taken in SD, the apparent depth is entirely in the height map.

Jeremiah clark 20181005 portfolio xviii watermark

My new "XVIII" watermark, showing a flat render, and a few 3d renders with different colors.

Jeremiah clark logonodemap

The SD node map used to create the watermark.

Jeremiah clark 20181002 jc logo

The original vector version on my new watermark/logo.

Jeremiah clark 20181002 jc logo colors

The design lends itself well to different colors.

Jeremiah clark jeremiah clark 20181005 portfolio xviii orange2
"XVIII" Watermark / Logo

I needed a super simple watermark for my renders, this is what I came up with. It's a simple enough design to be used nearly anywhere and lends itself well to different colors.

The roman numerals XVIII (18) in the middle have two purposes. First, this year (2018) feels like the year I've finally come into my own as an artist. Also, 18 is the number of the Moon tarot card. According to some sources the moon represents both creativity and anxiety, something that resonates with me deeply. It just felt right.

This was first drawn out in a notebook, then messed with in Photoshop, and finally refined and finished in Affinity Designer.
The font is Creator Credits from BlamBot fonts http://blambot.com/font_creatorcredits.shtml

More artwork
Jeremiah clark screenshot0Jeremiah clark roughbark iray3Jeremiah clark 20181013 moon tarot1