Low-Poly Unlit Potion - Mana
Jeremiah clark low poly unlit potion mana 1

A very simple, low poly model.

Modeled in Maya, textured using Photoshop.

Low-Poly Unlit Potion - Mana presented realtime on Sketchfab.

Modeled in Maya, textured using Photoshop.

Jeremiah clark 20190430 potion breakdown

Texture breakdown. Wireframe, Base Color (albedo), Emissive, Opacity, Final.

Modeled in Maya, textured using Photoshop.

Jeremiah clark potiontexture

The texture used for this model is very simple. Since there are only gradients and no textures, stretching isn't really an issue. Only the labels needed to be laid out properly (there is a second opacity mask for the label).

Low-Poly Unlit Potion - Mana

An unlit mana potion bottle that incorporates a couple of tricks I’ve been meaning to try out. This is posted here as an example to my 3d modeling class.

The only transparency used is for the label. Instead, this model takes advantage of the fact that only the front side of the polygons are rendered. The outer glass, inner glass, and potion meshes are essentially turned inside out so that you are looking at the inside surface of the mesh rather than the outside surface. This only works because it is rendered unlit, shadows would ruin the effect.

Modeled in Maya 2018.
Texture created using Photoshop.
Font is “Stronghold Deco” by Blambot Fonts.

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