Moon Tarot Card (Substance Designer)
Jeremiah clark 20181013 moon tarot1

Beauty render captured directly from Substance Designer using the OpenGL renderer.

Moon Tarot Card (Substance Designer) on SketchFab. I took advantage of the new Clear Coat option to give it the look of having a thick lamination over top the metal foil.

Jeremiah clark 20181012 moontarot

A straight-on, more restrained capture from Substance Designer using the OpenGL renderer.

Jeremiah clark 20181013 moontarot marmoset

This was captured from Marmoset Toolbag. I couldn't decide which capture I liked better, so I'm including both. The only differences are in the lighting and how much AO is applied.

Jeremiah clark moon tarot graph

The node graph from Substance Designer

Moon Tarot Card (Substance Designer)

File this one under “why not?”

I challenged myself to make a tarot card design entirely in Substance Designer as a way to practice and learn more about the program. I chose my personal favorite card, The Moon (XVIII). It took about two days in whatever spare time I could find around working and sleeping, and I'm quite happy with the result.

"The Moon card can point to a need to nurture yourself or to care for your health. For artistic people, its presence in a reading may mark a time of increased imagination and creativity."
- The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need, by Skye Alexander

I based the design on the Everyday Tarot (which is itself based on the classic Waite design):

Made entirely in Substance Designer.

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