Realistic Prescription Bottle
Jeremiah clark 20190127 pillbottle modo hq

High quality render made using Modo.

Jeremiah clark 20190127 pillbottle modo hq2

High quality render made using Modo.

Jeremiah clark 20190128 pillbottle wearlevels

The textures have procedural wear built into them.
Here it is in three states: Clean, Default, and Rough.
Rendered in Modo

Jeremiah clark 20190127 pillbottle marmoset

Realtime capture taken from Marmoset Toolbag.

Realistic Prescription Bottle shown in realtime 3D on SketchFab.

Jeremiah clark 20190429 full material breakdown

Material Breakdown: Wireframe, Base Color (Albedo), Normal, Roughness, Final

Textured entirely using Substance Designer

Realistic Prescription Bottle

A detailed, photorealistic prescription bottle with PBR textures. It works as a real-time model, but it's not game optimized. It renders very well in an offline renderer such as VRay or Modo.

You can purchase this asset (includes model and sbsar textures with options):
Art Station:

This was modeled and UVed in Modo. It is a pure polygon model (not SubD), and only vertex smoothing was used. The textures were created using Substance Designer and are entirely procedural.

The .sbsar file has exposed options that make updating the text and colors a simple process, whether using Substance Player to export texture maps, or directly in the rendering program.

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