Cryptid Character Designs
Jeremiah clark loch ness small

Cryptid royalty!

Font: "Luminari" font

Jeremiah clark flatwoods small

Font: "Highjinks" from

Jeremiah clark yeti small

Font: "Caslon Antique" from

Jeremiah clark mothman small

My personal favorite cryptid / creature / alien / whatever.

Font: "Jobber Wacky NF" from

Jeremiah clark wendigo small

The image of an animalistic antlered creature is not accurate to the source Wendigo beliefs, but it's too striking an image to pass up.

Font: "Population Zero" from

Jeremiah clark loveland small

Font: "Anarchistic" from

Cryptid Character Designs

I've always been a fan of paranormal topics, cryptids in particular. As a way to push my comfort with vector art, I decided to do a series of designs based on my favorites.

These were all created in Affinity Designer based on my own interpretations of eyewitness accounts, legends, and other artistic takes that I've found.

More artwork
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