Simple Crate
Jeremiah clark simple crate 1

Simple Crate, real time capture.

Modeled in Maya 2018.

Simple Crate presented in real time 3D.

Modeled in Maya 2018.

Jeremiah clark crate breakdown

Material Breakdown: Wireframe, Base Color (albedo), Roughness, Normal.

Modeled in Maya 2018.

Jeremiah clark crate texture breakdown

Texture map breakdown: Base Color (albedo), roughness, normal.

Due to the nature of this demo, it was a very quick and dirty job turning the albedo (which isn't a true albedo) into a roughness and normal, but it works. Which was the point of the demo.

Simple Crate

This is an extremely simple model of a basic wooden crate in a somewhat realistic style. The kind of thing that can be found in thousands of games going back to the start of gaming.

This was created as a demo for a mid-beginner 3D class. A lot of new students are overwhelmed and afraid that 3D is beyond them. This demo and the following assignment were chosen to show them that they could create usable models with the right approach. We stepped through this crate together, then I had them use the same principles to create a simple barrel based on an example.

Modeled in Maya 2018.
The texture was found here:
The normal and roughness maps made from it in Photoshop.

More artwork
Jeremiah clark screenshot0Jeremiah clark roughbark iray3Jeremiah clark slimtank default