Low Poly Steampunk Hat
Jeremiah clark steampunk hat

A very simple, low poly steampunk-style top hat.

Modeled in Modo.

Steampunk Hat presented in realtime 3D.

Modeled in Modo.

Jeremiah clark 20190430 steampunk hat breakdown

Material breakdown: Wireframe, Base Color (albedo), Specular.

Modeled in Modo.

Jeremiah clark 20170204 steampunk hat lxo modo 1

This was made as part of a decorative add-on pack for a cartoony tank combat game.

I did not model the tank, though I did optimize the mesh and texture it.

Low Poly Steampunk Hat

A very low polygon, flat-shaded Steampunk style hat intended for a mobile game. The only texture used is a 64x64 diffuse map that contains all colors used by assets in the game. The hat is only about 900 polygons (tris).

Modeled, and UVed in Modo

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